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A guide to kick off the habit of smoking with e-cig!

Vaping, although it’s a habit that has existed pretty long ago but has just started its way to going mainstream in the recent years. You may be wondering “Why now?”. The fact is that technical development is gradually reaching the levels where we can find vapers that works really well.

While various forms of e cigs are on the market in the present times, they all share some essential qualities:

They are easy to use

They are easy to charge (even USB charging is available)

They can be easily replaced

Their functioning and outlook are way more identical to the proper cigarettes.

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking which makes it the best and most ideal way of quitting real smoking, simply by switching addiction. But it takes certain steps to ensure and this transition proves to be successful in the long term. Let’s take a look at the steps while switching to vaping:

Steps - Switch Smoking To Vaping:

1.) Never start it as a must-do activity: let it first be an option as that will make the habit un-tempting for the smoker.

2.) Start in small: start with switching every second or third cigarette up with vaper. Use it as an alternative. You can also bring it to places instead of a cigarette, especially when meeting up with non-smoking friends who will be euphoric with your choice.

3.) Go wild with the flavors: e cigs have flavors which real cigarettes will never be able to accomplish. Use these flavors to make taste enjoyable: go ahead and try all sorts of flavors. There are tons of e liquids available on the market today.

4.) Keep it with you so you get used to it as it feel much similar to the proper cigarette.

5.) Use vaper to save money: if you buy a vaper that will last for a while, then it’s a one-time investment, at least for a couple of months. Therefore use the vaper as a way to save money for you. With the current cigarette prices, this is not just a healthier but also a much cheaper option.

6.) Choose the vaper that’s right for you: there are different vapers available on the market from the one-timers to those bigger machines, which you can use for months or even years without having to buy anything but e liquids for it. You can also go for having various sorts of vapers at the same time, this way you will surely know which type of vaper eventually fits you the most.

7.) If possible, go for a vaper which has a light that mimics the light of the cigarette. There are a few vapers where the lights turn on when the vapor is being inhaled, mimicking the proper cigarette light.

8.) Be patient: this is a lengthy process which may take months to achieve. Once you have fully switched to vaping, though, it will be much easier to quit vaping than quitting smoking.