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An Efficient Way to quit smoking

As we know that smoking is very injurious to health. The people are getting more and more health conscious and they know how tobacco destroys the lives of the individual and his beloved ones. So, along with them, companies are also taking several steps and forwarding a helping hand so that they can quit this deadly habit of smoking. There are several products throughout the market, which will help you in quitting the smoking. One of such products is the nicotine gum. This gum has a less amount of nicotine in it than a real cigarette that helps the body to maintain a proper nicotine intake and gradually decreasing the dose. If someone leaves were smoked at once, his body will not come up with the situation as his body is habituated to take a regular nicotine dose. Thus, a nicotine gum can help with quitting smoking.

Another such product is the vapour cigarettes or the electronic cigarettes. This product is brand new in the market and it gives the feel of an original cigarette. One can also release smoke from it as in the case of cigarettes. But, the main difference between the electronic cigarette and a real cigarette is that, they don’t contain tobacco like a real cigarette does. The user smokes only nicotine, which is free from carcinogens that are found in tobacco. And the carcinogen is the main reason for cancer.

What does it contain?

The electronic or e-cigarette contains liquid nicotine. When a user inhales it, it contains a small battery that atomizes the nicotine particles and turns them into vapour. It contains a higher rate of nicotine than a chewing gum and thus the body gets automatically satisfied within few moments of smoking this cigarette. This cigarette also contains an LED light on the other end and when you inhale air from one end, this LED gives a red light and thus you will feel as if you are smoking a real one.

The nicotine cells come with the cigarette and it is rechargeable, once you are finished with a cell. They also have different flavours like a real cigarette and they like a real cigarette, they also come in regular strength, mild strength and ultra mild strength. This device is basically designed for those who want to get rid of cigarettes. Once they are used to the electronic cigarette, gradually they will find that they can quit smoking completely.


The main advantage is, it is free from tobacco and thus free from cancer.

It can meet the nicotine urge quicker than a nicotine gum.

It is basically a form of cigarette and it looks like a real one, so those who are addicted to cigarettes, they will find it interesting as it has the same shape and size of a cigarette along with an LED.

It is cheaper than real cigarettes as you will find that if you add your monthly investment on cigarettes, the e-cigarette will cost lesser than the real ones.