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How to switch to vaping efficiently?

Cigarette is basically generated from cigar or we can say that smaller version of cigar. In cigar we whole tobacco leaves while in cigarette it is processed leaf. Cigarette is a cylindrical tube of paper filled with processed leaves which burned from one sided and smoked from other side. It causes major health diseases in spite of that people all over the world are consuming it in a large amount especially in developing countries it is using in high range. Since, nicotine is psychoactive added with tobacco which makes it addictive. Reports show that there are so many people died every year due to smoking. It is really bad.

Not only cigarette are harmful for person who is consuming it but also for the surrounding i.e. people around them are effected due to its harmful smoke and annoying smell. Taking in mind of social aspect vapour cigarettes are invented. It is a personal vaporizer that has heating element that atomizes its e solution. It is typical cylinder with much vibration.

It is a reusable product which contains glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine with flavours. The major advantages are smokeless tobacco, it also has been proven that it help in quitting smoking, it does have any wired or nausea smell therefore can be used in public places as they don’t affect others it also have fewer toxic element than cigarette smoke. As all we know that real cigarette is really very harmful. So we should move to a new era of smoking (if we can’t stop), otherwise it is good to stop smoking. E-cigarettes are popular in youth because of availability of its different cartridge of different flavours such as coffee, mint, candy, fruit flavours etc. You can choose any among all available there.

There are many disadvantages after being smoke free it has nicotine which slowly damages our brains. When the cartridge is refilled user will expose to high level of nicotine to which we can say potentially new variety of drug. In research it has been proved that it has side effects like feeling irritable, anxious, restless and depressed. It also leads to heart problems lungs issues and harm liver overtime. There are around 225 companies which are providing it. Despite of being developed countries like America there are 40 million American are having lungs issues and around out of five one American is death due to cigarettes.

It was invented by Hon like whose was a Chinese pharmacists who himself was very fond of cigarettes. But it didn’t became that famous due lack of finances but after when attracted attention of world health organisation in 2008 after that it got new platform and become popular. Different countries owe their different to their perspectives some countries there is banned on it. It has basically three part which are as follows first one is a tank holding e-liquid second one is an atomizer heating e- element last but not less important a battery powering the atomizer.